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To Guantanamo Bay & Back Again.

Guantanamo Bay is home to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, situated on forty five square miles of land and water. Leased from Cuba in 1903, the area is under the complete jurisdiction of the United States, The area serves as a critical component of U.S. security and influence in the Caribbean and beyond.

IBC Airways offers public charter flights to Leeward Point Airport (NBW) at Guantanamo Bay.

Our Guantanamo Bay Schedule

IBC Air offers public charter flights to and from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base:

Day Routing ETD ETA
MondayFLL - NBW07000840
NBW - FLL09401130
ThursdayFLL - NBW07000840
NBW - FLL09401130
FridayFLL - NBW07000840
NBW - FLL09401130

Departure and Arrival times may vary due to airport delays. Please ensure that all reservations are confirmed no later than 72 hours prior to travel.

Guantanamo Bay at a Glance.

City Name:

Guantanamo Bay

Airport Name:

Leeward Point Field Airport

Airport Code:


Island Ticket Office:

Building 834
8 AM – 4 PM
Tel: 74110

Check-in Location:

Leeward Point Field

Check-in Time:

You should check in for your flight 2 hours prior to flight time.  The check-in counter closes one hour prior to flight time.  Checked baggage will be accepted up to one hour prior to flight departure; check-in closes one hour prior to flight departure.

See our complete baggage policy here

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All our travel services are operated by only TSA and FAA certified air carriers. These carriers are also certified under the TSA Secure Flight Program. Flight services are operated under the approved U.S. DOT 380 Public Charter Program.

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