Check-in Information

To Check-in is recommended 2 hours prior to flight departure. Checked baggage will be accepted up until 1 hour prior to flight departure; check in closes 1 hour prior to departure. Customers must comply with minimum check-in requirements to retain their seats on the flight on which they are confirmed. Pre- reserved seats are subject to cancellation unless you have checked in (obtained a boarding pass) at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure. IBC Air does not guarantee to provide any particular seat on the aircraft. For passengers checking bags, there are also baggage acceptance cutoff times. “Baggage acceptance cutoff time” means that customers must present themselves and their baggage to an airline representative for check-in no later than the stated cutoff times for the departure airport.

Carry On Allowances

Learn more about what items you can take in your carryon baggage at the TSA website. Visit the TSA website

Prohibited Items

Learn more about potentially hazardous materials not allowed in checked baggage at the TSA’s Hazardous Materials guide. Learn more about Prohibited items.


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All our travel services are operated by only TSA and FAA certified air carriers. These carriers are also certified under the TSA Secure Flight Program. Flight services are operated under the approved U.S. DOT 380 Public Charter Program.

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