Guantanamo Bay

  1. Can anyone visit Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

    No. You must be invited. Whether you are Military personnel, a contracted worker or a family member wanting to visit loved ones stationed in Guantanamo Bay you must have a sponsor. A sponsor will be the person or company requesting your visit. The sponsor will advise you and assist you in obtaining the necessary paper work needed to enter onto the Island.

  2. What do I need to bring with me to the airport?

    You need to bring a valid passport and a copy of your approved entry clearance paperwork.

  3. What time should I check in?

    Passengers should check in 2 hours prior to flight time. The check in desk closes 1 hour prior to departure.

  4. Where is the IBC AIR counter located?

    Check in is located at the Hollywood International Airport, on the arrivals (lower) level of terminal 4.

  5. How much baggage is each person allowed to bring?

    Each passenger is allowed one free bag 50lbs or less. If you want to bring excess baggage you may at a cost of $ 2.00 per pound for each additional bag and each bag can not exceed 65 lbs measuring no larger than 36″L X 15″W X 15″H. Please keep in mind excess baggage will go on a space available basis only. We do have a cargo department that services Guantanamo Bay, you may reach that department at 954-359-8860.

Cap Haitian, Haiti

  1. Where do I drop off travelers for their flight?

    IBC Air passengers can be dropped off at the Cap Haitien International Airport,
    IBC AIR counter.

  2. Where do passengers check in for their flight?

    IBC Air passengers check in at the IBC Air counter, departure area.

  3. How early should I check in?

    You should check in for your flight 2 hours prior to flight time. The check in counter closes one hour prior to flight time. Checked baggage will be accepted up until one hour prior to flight departure; check in closes one hour prior to flight departure.

  4. What gate does IBC Air use?

    IBC Air uses the general departure gate available at the Cap Haitien International airport.

  5. Where is baggage claim?

    General Customs Hall for International Arrivals in Cap Haitien

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